Thrive’s Gift Guide for People with Parkinson’s Disease

Nov 24, 2020 | Parkinson’s Disease

Are you searching for a thoughtful gift for your loved one who has Parkinson’s disease? Thrive has got you covered! These are some of our favorite ideas with product links to help get you started. 

Note: Thrive is not affiliated with, nor commissioned by any of the specific items in this post.

Easy Slip On Shoes 

Putting shoes on is a breeze with fashionable, easy slip on shoes. 

I’ve had few patients who wear Kiziks and love them. They come in lots of styles, from super casual to more dressy.

Ergonomic Mug

This mug is specifically designed to reduce hand strain and improve grip. It could be a great option for a person who has a tremor or impaired hand function.

Utensils for Tremor 

Mealtime can be stressful for people with Parkinson’s who experience hand tremor. Liftware Steady is a utensil set that can reduce the impact of a tremor while eating through electronic stabilization, enhancing confidence and enjoyment during meals.

Brain Trainer Membership 

Help your loved one stay sharp with Brain HQ, an online program that has 29 exercises to work out your attention, brain speed, memory, people skills, navigation, and intelligence. The website also has free exercises to try out before committing to a subscription.

In Home Suspension Trainer 

A suspension trainer, like this one from TRX, offers a compact piece of home exercise equipment that can be used for many different exercises, including flexibility, strengthening, and balance.

Activity Tracker

There are now lots of options for activity trackers, from simple step counters all the way up to smart watches, from brands like FitBit. A smart watch can keep track of steps, heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, and even sleep quality. Many also have built-in movement reminders to motivate you to move your body if you’ve been sitting for too long.

Healthy Food Subscription 

If you are shopping for a foodie who is striving to eat the rainbow, Misfit Market offers an affordable, sustainable, organic produce subscription. Help keep your loved one well nourished and help fight food waste by sending delicious–but not perfectly shaped–organic fruits and vegetables right to their door.

Increment Water Bottle

Drinking enough water is one of the most important daily habits for good health, however, many people with Parkinson’s aren’t adequately hydrated to feel their best. An increment water bottle is a simple way to keep track of fluid intake and help foster a good hydration routine each day. This one from HydroMATE even provides motivation throughout the day.

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Therapeutic Light Box

Our cold, gray, dark, northeastern winters can leave us feeling depressed and lacking motivation. One reason for this is the lack of sunlight. Light therapy boxes can help fight the winter blues and help keep sleep cycles regular. I sat in front of mine for 30 minutes first thing each morning last winter, while I checked my email and I noticed a significant improvement in my seasonal mood!

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Do you know someone who is always scrolling on their phone or watching Netflix on their iPad before bed? At night our bodies produce melatonin to prepare us for sleep, but electronic devices that emit blue light can disturb this important process, which negatively affects sleep quality. Help your loved one catch the ZZZs they need with glasses that help filter out blue light.

Organic Coffee

Coffee has been shown to have neuroprotective effects and can help manage the daytime fatigue that some people with Parkinson’s experience. Conventionally grown coffee can have a lot of pesticides–not good for people or the planet. Organic coffee is a fantastic gift because you can help your loved one perk up without any nasty pesticides.

Smell Training Kit 

Loss of smell, also called hyposmia, is very common in people with Parkinson’s disease. You can exercise your nose the same way you exercise your muscles with a smell re-training kit, like this one from AbScent. Check out our blog post on hyposmia in Parkinson’s disease to learn more

Meditation App Subscription

The benefits of a meditation practice include improving stress management, self-awareness, creativity, and even immunity. Who wouldn’t want more of that!? While anyone can meditate at any time for free, Headspace offers structure and guidance that helps people to really stick with the habit and cultivate meaningful life changes. Headspace offers a free 2-week trial before committing to a membership.

Walking Poles

Walking poles offer so many benefits for people with Parkinson’s and I use them frequently with my patients. Many people find that they help with balance, confidence, and posture while going for walks outside. They also promote improved coordination and symmetrical arm swing. Check out our blog post about walking poles for more details.

Silk Sheets

People with Parkinson’s can have a difficult time moving in bed and silk sheets can help reduce the friction between a person’s body and the mattress, making it easier to roll and reposition at night. Plus, who wouldn’t want luxurious silk bedding as a gift?[artid%7C10055.g.32968949[src%7C[ch%7C[lt%7C

Gratitude Journal 

One of my favorite expressions is “What you focus on, you create more of.” A daily gratitude practice can help us bring more energy to the positive things in life. Check out this article on training your brain for gratitude to learn more:

A gratitude journal can be as simple as a spiral notebook, or more structured and prompted, like Commit30’s Joy and Gratitude journal. 

Dark Chocolate 

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and minerals like iron, magnesium, and zinc. If your loved one loves sweets, a gift of a delicious dark chocolate bar from Hu Chocolate is a delicious and healthy choice!

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